6th June 2012
Fresh meat week 4

Week 4. Fresh meat…… your match! – By Abi Sin Ya.

This Tuesday at Fresh Meat was all about pairing up. After a whopping 22 min warm up, practising stops and fall, we went on to buddy […]
29th May 2012
Fresh Meat Week 3

Week 3. Fresh meat….got grilled!

Welcome back suckers! So last week it was ten minutes in hell… This week? Suicide starts! I’m beginning to notice a theme…that theme seems to be […]
17th May 2012

Week 2. Fresh meat….is murder! – by Abi Sin Ya

Arriving at skating last night, I was chuffed to see a huge amount of people had come back. In the back of my mind was the […]
14th May 2012

Week 1. Fresh meat…. & greet! – by Abi Sin Ya

As I arrived at Garon Park on Tuesday evening, I couldn’t help but feel nervous. I’ve been training as a referee for the Sirens since the […]
4th February 2012

Shakes, rattle and roll! – by Ella-GNAW

There was the smell of setting lotion in the air, lashings of lipstick and poses so fierce rock and roll’s favourite model Kate Moss would be […]
9th December 2011

November Pain – we rocked it!

Main Photo Credit:  Steve Newton So the final bout of the year, and what a year it has been – ‘The Year of the Siren’. Our […]
7th December 2011
Credit: Stephanie Barry

Oh Canadaaaaaa!

I was in Canada yesterday, impressive eh?  Better than being at work to say the very least.  Chances are if you’re reading our lovely site then […]
30th September 2011

Macey/DC – For those about to block, we salute you!

Y’know that roller skating phase that everyone had when they were a kid?  Well I never had that.  To be honest the first time I put […]
6th September 2011

On a Mother-flippin’ boat! – Adventures in Ghent, by Ragna Rock

On August Bank Holiday weekend, Mother Mercy and I embarked on an epic voyage to a far off land in order to learn from the great […]