3rd December 2013

Changing tides – by Geek Le Chic

I’ve loved being by the sea for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the late 70s/ early 80s, a time when it […]
16th November 2013

Seaside Sirens v Lincolnshire Bombers 09/11/2013 – by Ella-GNAW

WHEN you think of a finale we all know what we want…drama, screams, whoops, nail-biting, edge of the seat entertainment and a happy ending – and […]
26th April 2013

Seaside Siren All Stars v Dolly Rockit Rollers 21/04/2013 – by Jenna Tail’ya

We love a goooooood bout. You know the kind. Where the blockers are all over each other from start to finish and the jammers have to […]
17th April 2013

Capsizing for Charity – by Sam Awry

The grey March sky hangs over The Ship pub in Leigh-on-Sea, and it’s quiet and empty – a stark contrast to the later plans that were […]
3rd April 2013

Bazooka Salt – She’s a good egg!

Hello from the ‘New Girl’! For those that don’t know me yet I’m Bazooka Salt 186 (JL in the real world).   In November 2012 I […]
30th October 2012

Meet our new mascot!

THE Seaside Siren Roller Girls’ November bout Bucket and Slayed will be the place where dreams come true for one 10 year old fan as we […]
23rd July 2012
Eastbourne Extreme Teams

Eastbourne Extreme – by Ginger Dread Man

Another grey, wet, day in the UK as we bounced along the motorway and made our way to Eastbourne. I came along for the ride to […]
9th July 2012

Fresh meat…The end… by Abi Sin Ya

It’s not actually the end, but I thought I’d try and make it sound dramatic!   We’ve had such great success with the fresh meat attendees […]
22nd June 2012

Week 5. Fresh Meat…..& 2 dead legs. – By Abi Sin Ya.

Tuesday night was all about contact, ouchy, ouchy contact. But first we had to warm up! Oh yes, the warm up. Joy! After some planking, jumping, […]