Capsizing for Charity – by Sam Awry

The grey March sky hangs over The Ship pub in Leigh-on-Sea, and it’s quiet and empty – a stark contrast to the later plans that were about going to rock this boat (sorry)! By 1pm on the 30th the pub was filling with music-lovers congregating to see nine, mostly local, bands throughout the day. The […]

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Bazooka Salt – She’s a good egg!

Hello from the ‘New Girl’! For those that don’t know me yet I’m Bazooka Salt 186 (JL in the real world).   In November 2012 I made the scary jump to transfer from London Rollergirls Rec League to the Seaside Sirens. My long term partner is an Essex boy and despite living in Bromley I […]

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A Healthy, Happy You – Abi Sin Ya

So we’re already in the 3rd month of the year and it’s usually around now that the new year’s resolutions start to pale into insignificance and the chill of March has me eating comfort food and curling up indoors like some kind of overweight tortoise, hibernating with a pack of jammie dodgers and a bucket […]

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Sleeping Isn’t Always Easy – by Sam Awry

It was a challenge issued to the league that has landed me and Hell Broke Luce in a cardboard box on a cold march night for charity.  It’s 4am on March 2nd, the temperature has just hit -4°c, there is frost on everything, there’s not a sound in the car park and I seem to […]

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Pie ‘N’ Bash – we did a win! – by Lady GoreGore

It’s that time of the year again folks! We kicked off our third (yes, THIRD!) bouting season with a bang this past Saturday at Pie ‘N’ Bash, taking on our East Anglian sisters the Romsey Town Rollerbillies from Cambridge.   The Rollerbillies have long been good friends of the Sirens and back in the early […]

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More Scrimmy Fun Times! – by Ella-GNAW

ANY derby skater worth their salt will tell you that the best way to gain experience on the track is to skate against people you don’t know, so the Seaside Siren Roller Girls were delighted to welcome the London Roller Girls Recreational League last week  to scrimmage with our skaters. On Sunday, March 3rd, we […]

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NSHos – (Ragna) Rockin’ all over the world – by Ragna Rock

The Sirens’ NSO team, the NSHos, are known for their travelling ways and can often be found winging their way around the UK and the rest of Europe. At the end of last year, Hos Krystal Vice, Slack Al and Ragna Rock attended Crime City Rollers’ Officiating bootcamp in Malmo, Sweden, and Sam Awry and […]

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Sirens Bowl Up A Storm! – by Snarley-Davidson

I’ve always found Valentine’s Day to be a bit predictable, and Valentines weekend can be a nightmare if you fancy getting a bite to eat in town, what with all the smoochy couples with their champagne and roses. Not so at our Anti-Valentines Bowling Competition! For our first fundraiser this year we decided to put […]

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MK Scrimmage Fun Times! – Mother Mercy

One of my favourite things about derby, apart from the usual mix of teamwork, training, random bruises and heckling, is a good old mixed scrimmage. Don’t get me wrong, I love scrimmaging with my own league too, but the chance to go play with people I don’t usually skate with is generally too good to […]

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SSRG Training Session including Fresh Meat Training 3rd February 2013

Falling for derby – Atomic Kylider

Here I am again, at a fresh meat training session, this time watching the first new intake for 2013 pad-up and get their Skates on to train with our fab training team. As I look at the new group of Freshies I remember the feeling of excitement, nerves and anticipation that I felt at my […]

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