23rd May 2013

Carry on Bruising – Sirens v MRD 11/05/2013 – by Phoenix

After a nail-biting finish resulting in a narrow victory at their last game, the Seaside Sirens were hoping to steal a much more comfortable win against […]
26th April 2013

Seaside Siren All Stars v Dolly Rockit Rollers 21/04/2013 – by Jenna Tail’ya

We love a goooooood bout. You know the kind. Where the blockers are all over each other from start to finish and the jammers have to […]
20th April 2013

Beyond The Thunderdome

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in April, the Seaside Siren Zebras-in-Training headed to Oldham – home of the Rainy City Roller Girls – and boy did […]
17th April 2013

Capsizing for Charity – by Sam Awry

The grey March sky hangs over The Ship pub in Leigh-on-Sea, and it’s quiet and empty – a stark contrast to the later plans that were […]
3rd April 2013

Bazooka Salt – She’s a good egg!

Hello from the ‘New Girl’! For those that don’t know me yet I’m Bazooka Salt 186 (JL in the real world).   In November 2012 I […]
25th March 2013

A Healthy, Happy You – Abi Sin Ya

So we’re already in the 3rd month of the year and it’s usually around now that the new year’s resolutions start to pale into insignificance and […]
19th March 2013

Sleeping Isn’t Always Easy – by Sam Awry

It was a challenge issued to the league that has landed me and Hell Broke Luce in a cardboard box on a cold march night for […]
13th March 2013

Pie ‘N’ Bash – we did a win! – by Lady GoreGore

It’s that time of the year again folks! We kicked off our third (yes, THIRD!) bouting season with a bang this past Saturday at Pie ‘N’ […]
12th March 2013

More Scrimmy Fun Times! – by Ella-GNAW

ANY derby skater worth their salt will tell you that the best way to gain experience on the track is to skate against people you don’t […]