About Seaside Siren Roller Girls

Seaside Siren Roller Girls is a roller derby league based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. We were the first bouting roller derby team in Essex.


Seaside Siren Roller Girls was founded in November 2009 by a group of friends who were intrigued by roller derby they had seen played elsewhere, but had absolutely no experience of  playing it themselves!
At the time there was nothing like roller derby the local area and these ladies wanted to bring the sport closer to home. With a lot of support and encouragement from other established leagues they were able to do just that.

Seaside Siren Roller Girls is a not-for-profit sports team and works on a membership basis. This membership includes female skaters, referees, Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) bench and admin staff. We are also very lucky to have support from a regular group of volunteers.
The league is funded entirely from membership payments, regular fundraising and sponsorship.
Seaside Siren Roller Girls also supports local charities and holds an annual members vote to decide which charities will benefit from our support.

The league practises together twice a week, with all skill levels being encouraged and catered for.
In addition to attending practice, all league members are committed to educating themselves about roller derby and dedicating time to furthering their knowledge, whether it be on skates or off.
It is also mandatory for members to help with the day to day running of the league.

Seaside Siren Roller Girls is a member of the UK Roller Derby Association (UKRDA), and a member of the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA) Apprenticeship Program. Seaside Siren Roller Girls follows WFTDA rules of play. Every skating member of the league must pass the WFTDA Minimum Skills practical, endurance, and theory tests in order to be eligible for interleague scrimmaging and bouts.  Referees and Non-Skating Officials must also pass the rules theory test and other tests and training specific to their roles.

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“Our mission is to support and train our members to a high standard, and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to be the best they can be within the league as well as their own personal lives. We empower our skaters so that they may take responsibility for their own accomplishments by managing their own fitness, knowledge, and their contribution to the league’s success. We endeavour to take an active role in supporting our community through volunteer work and fundraising, and place particular importance on safety by ensuring our members have the required skills and equipment to be as safe as possible, and to play safely with others.”

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If you would like more information about roller derby in general, please take a look at our What’s Roller Derby? page.

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