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23rd July 2012
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21st November 2012

THE Seaside Siren Roller Girls’ November bout Bucket and Slayed will be the place where dreams come true for one 10 year old fan as we are honoured to announce our very first mascot, Caitlyn Palmer.
Ask a child what they want to be when they’re older and the response you expect in 2012 usually include the standard pop star, doctor, pilot or princess perhaps. However, Caitlyn is no ordinary 10 year old, she dreams of strapping on her skates and joining Essex’s first and only bouting Roller Derby league.
The Seaside Sirens were delighted when Caitlyn’s mum, Angie got in touch with the league asking whether, for Caitlyn’s 10th birthday, she could bring her derby obsessed daughter along to a training session. Happy to make a birthday wish come true, the Seaside Sirens were more than happy to oblige and welcomed her along to a Tuesday session, where Angie had designed and made a Seaside Sirens birthday cake in the shape of the anchor and skate logo. The Seaside Sirens finished off her birthday surprise with a beautifully loud rendition of Happy Birthday.
Co-captain of the A-team Force Ten Gail said: “She had such a great time at the training session and looked so happy to be sitting in and watching what we get up to that we thought it would be brilliant if she would come along and be a mascot at our next bout. Especially seeing as she discovered her derby love at our last bout Battle of Britain.”
An excited Caitlyn said: “Visiting a training session made it the best birthday ever, and thank you so much for letting me come and see you. I cannot wait to be your mascot and cheer you on and I have even been trying to think of my roller derby name! I like Skatlyn Harmer!”
Caitlyn’s mum, Angie said: “Cait has really got into her roller skating and after seeing the Seaside Sirens bout at the Battle of Britain, that interest has only increased. So much so that she can’t wait until she’s 18 to join!”
Caitlyn will be making her mascot debut at Bucket and Slayed on Saturday 18th November, at Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre, Garon Park, Eastern Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 4FA.
The Seaside Sirens will be taking on our London neighbours and league friends Croydon Riot Squad while the headliner will be Men’s Roller Derby favourites Southern Discomfort versus The Inhuman League. Doors open at 3pm and tickets can be purchased by visiting
Words: Ella-GNAW. Photo credit: Angie Palmer.

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