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6th July 2012
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23rd July 2012

© Marc De Groot

It’s not actually the end, but I thought I’d try and make it sound dramatic!
We’ve had such great success with the fresh meat attendees that Tuesdays are continuing for our new skaters to really develop and get through those minimums.
This Tuesday was all about hitting, yep that’s right, more hitting! I didn’t realise until now how enjoyable it is to be really flipping violent! We had great fun battering each other for an hour and a half.
We also did some faster paceline work, ducking and weaving in and out, juking as we went. we also did a time trial in which we had to complete 3 laps. I couldn’t believe it when I came first!
Guest referee Ray Fury of the Bruising Banditas came down to ref our drills and considering I am a trainee referee, I broke a lot of rules! Being good is harder than you think!
It was great to be completing fresh meat with all the guys and girls. There is a real sense of cameraderie there now which I hope will continue on as we all join the main league. This fresh meat has been so successful we are very lucky to have had some amazing recruits. They’re dedicated, hard working and most of all they’re well hard!
They fall, they get back up, they get hit they get back up. Actually they just get back up a lot! The progress we’ve all made in 6 weeks is astounding and I think that is down to our super head of training, Force Ten Gail. She’s positively evil but obviously wants every one of us to succeed.
So far as being a zebra is concerned, we have managed to recruit 2 more referees, making us a full team of 7 zebras now. We are now well on our way to having a high quality ref squad that is as dedicated and professional as the Sirens skaters and NSO’s.
It’s an awesome time to be a zebra and an awesome time to be a Seaside Siren. Thanks for popping back to read my blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed my meaty journey.
Hits and whips,
Abi Sin Ya, aged 34 & 2 days.
Image: © Marc De Groot

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